Journey to the depths of yourself, with Rachel Zinman and John Weddephol


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Saturday, 29 Mar 2014
0405 102 234


Enjoy a Dosha balancing sequence with Rachel- which includes a brief explanation of each Dosha in the context of Ayurveda plus a pranayama and  meditation practice.

An inspiring “edge of your seat” talk with John on the Nature of Happiness

If generation after generation has searched for permanent happiness why has no one found it yet? To search for anything first you should know what it looks like? Or else how do you know what to look for. And then - how will you recognize it when you see it? So Where do we experience true happiness to know what to look for?

John Weddepohl shares what traditional teachers have been doing since the dawn of time.

The day will finish with a group Yantra Creation and short Kirtan.

Yantra’s are sacred diagrams which represent the body of a particular deity. Deities represent the various aspects of creation that we relate to on a personal level.  For example the deity Lakshmi represents our ability to bring things to fruition, Ganesh represents the removal of ignorance. No matter what the focus each diety has a corresponding sound and shape.  As a group , focussing on a particular deity we make a journey from the centre to the periphery, actualising our passions and offering prayers for loved ones. The creation of a yantra is pure devotion. In the act of placing the flowers and offering ourselves to our deepest longings. We drop all sense of ourselves as individuals, remembering who we are. The devotion itself

9am-11- Dosha Balancing sequence with Rachel

11.30 -1.00  Self Knowledge talk with John

2.00- 3.00 Self Knowledge Continued

3-5.30 Yantra with Rachel and Kirtan