Sunday Sanctuary: 3 hour mini yoga retreat

May3020211:00 pmtoMay3020214:00 pm

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Sunday, 30 May 2021 toSunday, 30 May 2021


Sunday Sanctuary is specifically designed to help with what many of us face each day with anxiety, stress and fatigue, in our fast paced, busy western lifestyles.

In this haste, we may feel a lack of rest and miss opportunities to really feel and stay connected within ourselves that allows us to be balanced, present and open to all life offers.

This 3hr yoga retreat (your ‘Sunday Sanctuary’) will allow you to press pause on your life and fully switch off from agendas, work, technology and all external stimulation. The nourishing offering that unfolds will have you immersed in nature at Restful Waters, unwinding and opening to your own inner sanctuary.

This Sunday Sanctuary retreat is for those who may be seeking:

• Some time out to reflect and rediscover themselves

• Nurturing rest and relaxation

• Re-connection with their body

• A sanctuary to rest in and learn how to create their own at home!

• And for anyone who is:

- Feeling overwhelmed with emotional or physical stress

- Wanting to release emotional pain, heavy burdens, tension and anxiety

- In need of a little self-care

- Craving connection with like-minded people

What's Included:

• Retreat intention setting

• Pranayama (breathing) exercises to induce calmness and clarity

• Restorative yoga + Vishrant yin yoga practice

• Yoga Nidra relaxation exercise (performed lying down)

• Gentle sounds with Tibetan bowls and chimes

• Calming essential oils matched with each pose throughout the retreat + a special blend designed by Prema for relaxation, to take home with you

• … And much more!

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