Sonic Immersion: 2hr Sound Bath

Jan1720212:00 pmtoJan1720214:00 pm

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Sunday, 17 Jan 2021 toSunday, 17 Jan 2021


Embrace this invitation to Sonic Immersion Soundbath and reconnect within yourself as you melt into deep restfulness!

It’s a 2hr sonic journey created for you to find release and rejuvenation as you explore expansive spaces and unlock the buildup of any little micro tensions within the physical, mental and emotional bodies.

You’ll enjoy lakeside and avocado orchard surrounds @restfulwaters, while you float to the blended sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls, Chimes, Gongs, Ocean Drums and Gentle Chants. It is frequently said by guests, these sessions are ‘deeply calming and soothing’.

These instruments have intentionally been picked to aid you in feelings of warmth, nourishment and bliss, while scientific studies have shown vibrational sound therapies can reduce joint pain, anxiety and stress and ease muscle stiffness.

The studies have also shown sound meditations, particularly those containing Singing Bowls can produce a sense of spiritual wellbeing in those who spend time bathed in them for up to 60 mins.

You only need to bring yourself, as all cushioned meditation beds, blankets, knee bolsters and eye-pillows are freshly provided so you can nestle into a comfortable position whilst being enveloped by earthy harmonies.

Being in a Sound Bath is a unique experience as you let the vibrational qualities of the instruments open your mind, loosen your body, and bring you right here into each moment as it unfolds, leaving you feeling lighter and brighter.

Unwind and rest with Sonic Immersion – Sound Bath. See you soon!

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