Sonic Immersion: 2hr Sound Bath

Apr2520212:00 pmtoApr2520214:00 pm

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Sunday, 25 Apr 2021 toSunday, 25 Apr 2021


Melt away and leave your stress behind with this 2 hr Sound Bath. Unwind and let go as you allow the vibrations of 15+ instruments to take you inwardly, opening you to stillness and spaciousness within yourself. 

This 2 hr signature event has been designed to take you through a story of soundscapes. Crystal Singing bowls, chimes, chants, drums and harmonium are married in such a way that you get to experience a multitude of sensations ripple through your body and the different feelings that coincide with them.

Sound has been used for millennia to heal and guide people into different states of being. The instruments used in Sound Bath have been carefully selected to produce frequencies conducive to relaxation and let-go. The blend of sounds reverberate through the whole body, recognised to improve and change brain waves and respiratory/heart function.

All encompassing sound draws our awareness into it, allowing the dissolution of the busy mind that keeps us held in a state of tension.  

Sonic Immersion: Sound Bath takes place at lakeside orchard Restful Waters, frequently said to be deeply calming and soothing by its guests. No need to bring anything but yourself: cushion beds, blankets and eye-pillows are freshly provided so you can nestle into a comfortable position whilst being enveloped by earthy harmonies. 

Sound Bath can direct you to the peace that already resides within you. 

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