Somatic Movement: 4 week course

Jan17202110:00 amtoJan17202111:30 pm

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Sunday, 17 Jan 2021 toSunday, 17 Jan 2021


Learn to release tight muscles and bring some ease back into your life.

Somatic movement could bring you relief from tension and pain as well as preventing further tightness in the body.

Soma: Definition – The living body experienced from within. A soma is self aware, self sensing, self regulating and self responsible.

The practice of Somatics is about engaging the soma in a sensory motor learning process to increase / expand our interoception (internal sense of self) and proprioception (sensing our self in space).

Somatic Movement can help anyone, there are no age restrictions, nor is prior experience necessary to be able to participate, as long as you have the capacity to lay flat. This course is for you if you experience discomfort with;

* Sore neck and shoulders

* Tension headaches

* Lower back pain

* Hip pain

* Buttock pain or sciatica

* If you sit at a desk all day

* Work out regularly at the gym

* Engage in physical manual labour

* If you constantly bend to pick up or balance a child on your hip

If you've had no relief from the usual treatments such as heat, massage or ice packs then Somatic Movements could be the solution for you.

Learn how to release painfully contracted tight muscles and regain a greater range of motion. Additionally, Somatic Movements can support a more upright posture.

This 4 week course is facilitated by, Vicki who is certified in Somatic Movement Education and wants to share this valuable information with as many people as possible, as these techniques have transformed her life both physically and mentally.

We would love to see you at Somatic Movement and for you to feel deep ease and rest in your body!

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