Roll, Release & Relax

Dec0520203:00 pmtoDec0320205:00 pm

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Saturday, 5 Dec 2020 toThursday, 3 Dec 2020


Ready to roll out all that tension?

Unwind your body and mind by taking some time out to nourish your body with this 2-hour mini retreat, releasing tightness held in the muscles and connective tissue (myofascial) and discover simple and effective muscle release techniques you can use at home!

This practice will calm the nervous system and de-stress the body, improve flexibility and circulation for better range of motion. 

Roll, Release & Relax is a self-guided massage where you can control the intensity and really get into those tough and painful points to experience deep relief. We can mindfully use our breath and awareness to allow our minds to ease into a meditative state with the gentle rolling motions.

We will use blocks, balls, and positions to get into tight points in the back, neck, hips, glutes, hamstrings, calves, feet, pelvis and diaphragm. Myofascial release is a wonderful tool for relaxing tense, aching, knotted muscles and eliminating muscular pain. Other benefits include postural improvements and reduced chance of injury, because coordination of the body is improved. 

This class is for anyone experiencing tightness and discomfort in their body. The intensity of the practice is under your control at all times, meaning the class is suitable from an office worker with tight shoulders to yoga students and exercise enthusiasts.

If you have tight points in the body you can learn to release them by yourself in the comfort of your own home. Many people reach areas they may not have felt for years, or ever before. 

Get to know your body better and do something wonderful for yourself!

• Bookings essential as places are limited

• Beginners are welcome

• Mats & props are provided

See you there!

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