Meditative Pilates: Beginners 4wk mat course

Sep0520208:15 pmtoSep0520209:15 pm

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Saturday, 5 Sep 2020 toSaturday, 5 Sep 2020


Meditative Pilates is a gentle and relaxing practice for the body & mind. Over this 4-week course you will learn exercises for improving core strength & increasing flexibility while practicing meditation to find clarity & peace.

Meditative Pilates lengthens, stretches and strengthens all the major muscle groups in the body, focusing on the pelvic floor and core abdominals. Each exercise has a prescribed rhythm, with emphasis placed on breathing and being present to each movement.

This beginner’s course of mat Pilates exercises is designed for people with little or no experience in Pilates or Yoga. Each participant will be given a syllabus with take home exercises, technical explanations and mini meditations.

Pilates is a wonderful practice for injury recovery and prevention, it counteracts the tightness and fatigue that many people find after working at a desk or performing repetitive tasks. 

The aim of Pilates is not to build muscle but to activate the correct muscles for the body to move in the most functional way. For many people, Pilates is part of their pathway to a pain free body.

Book now and experience the deep activation and alignment Pilates brings while in the beautiful nature setting of Restful Waters!

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