Introduction to Meditation: 4 Week Course

Oct1320206:00 pmtoOct1320207:15 pm

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Tuesday, 13 Oct 2020 toTuesday, 13 Oct 2020


Increase mental and emotional balance, improve wellbeing and create better relationships!

Meditation is being aware of what is real and being grounded in the present moment. As a practice, it is a cultivation of awareness with an attitude of openness and acceptance towards yourself and others. 

Meditation supports you to live with less reactivity and resistance every day, allowing you to respond more effectively to all types of people and situations.

Join us for a 4-week Introduction to Meditation course, suitable for both beginners and those wishing to strengthen their meditation practice. Experience the benefits of meditation which include:

• Less stress & tension

• More calmness of mind

• Increased emotional regulation & balance

• Improved mental clarity, and much more.

You will be guided through a variety of meditation techniques and supported in building your own personal practice. 

This 4-week course will help you to uncover the power of meditation and develop your ability to master your thoughts and emotions with greater ease.  

See you at Restful Waters for meditative practices that can help you find a healthy detachment from the thinking mind, experience deep relaxation and insights anytime, anywhere!

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