Heart Yoga: Cacao & Blissful Relaxation

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Saturday, 20 Mar 2021 toSaturday, 20 Mar 2021


Love, chocolate and yoga? Celebrate life with 2 hours of blissful relaxation. As we drink this very special cacao (raw chocolate) you’ll be invited to allow the body to relax, the heart to open and the mind to melt away.

Using gentle Vishrant Flow Yoga we will shift awareness away from the thinking mind and down into the heart. Cacao is a beautiful tool to lead you deeper into relaxation and to find a joy and restfulness within yourself. 

Yoga, meaning ‘union’ is a practice that deepens awareness beyond the body and mind, ultimately uniting individual consciousness with divine consciousness. This practice allows us to realise our unity with one consciousness and free ourselves from the suffering felt through our perceived separation. It is in this space we may experience bliss and liberation from suffering. 

Physiologically we combine cacao with yoga because it is rich in antioxidants and a super food which increases blood flow and tissue oxygenation, opening the heart and giving clarity and focus to the mind. 

A beautiful way to spend your Saturday afternoon and connect with a community of like-minded people.

Suitable for all levels. Beginners welcome. All mats and props provided.

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