Understanding & Dealing with: Grief & Depression


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Saturday, 21 Dec 2019 toSaturday, 21 Dec 2019
2:00 pm
0418 229 662


Grief and Depression are paths on a journey, not something to be denied or hidden away. This time of year can be particularly tough on all of our senses.


It’s a time when our innermost wants and needs can be acutely heard and deeply felt. Taking some time to be with others who understand, can support and offer a sense of community make it possible to not feel so alone.


A grieving heart has a longing that will always remain, yet death is rarely discussed and conversations about grief are often avoided. This 3hr gathering is a place to allow yourself to be with these life experiences amongst good company, to feel connected and respected.


In the face of feeling loneliness and disconnection which unfortunately seems to be increasing in our western culture, it’s in our shared human experience with one another; our stories, our challenges and our relationship reflections that often bring about a sense of relief.


As we can relate to each other’s stories and appreciate the losses felt so deeply, we share openness and vulnerability together that creates a space for healing and allowing our lives to grow with our grief.


Not making it simply about getting over grief. Depression may accompany the grieving process as we are experiencing a sense of loss. This may be a situational loss, loss of a dear family member, partner or friend, or loss of self concept and identity.


Many people tend to hide depression away and use alcohol and or drugs to mask uncomfortable feelings related to loss.


With the Christmas Holiday’s around the corner, this is an invitation to come together with others in similar situations and share your journey in a safe and caring space. To find acceptance in who you are and with your own situation.


During our group session, we’ll have the opportunity to explore;

- What kind of grief & depression myths exist and how they impact your world

- The various ways our grief & depression may present

- Discover how our family history influences our mental perspectives and impacts our grieving & recovery process

- Observe our own relationship attachment styles and how this may reflect in the way we each relate and grieve differently

- Recognise ways to be with grief & depression that helps the healing process


This is a safe & informal group setting and experienced counsellors Dakini Williams and Ajay Angeltvedt will support the group.


We understand the challenge of going to a group and talking to strangers. Though there is much to receive from walking your path of grief & depression with others who understand you and will support you on your journey towards recovery.

Levels of participation will vary for people, someone may like to talk regularly while others may prefer to sit back and process quietly, both are perfectly ok!


Everyone is welcome here.



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