The Power of Now Mindfulness Training: 4 Week Course


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Restful Waters, 64 Canns Road, Bedfordale, Western Australia, 6112, Australia
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Thursday, 20 Feb 2020 toThursday, 20 Feb 2020
6 - 7:15 pm
0418 229 662


Mindfulness brings us to live in the present moment. It’s about being aware, accepting and kind to yourself and others.


Have you observed that the happiest people typically keep things simple: they know how to enjoy the moment, they spend time reflecting on their choices and they are proactive about making changes in their lives?


It could also be said that these people roll with life’s knocks more easily, don’t expect life to be easy and tend to live on their own terms, not being so worried about what everyone else is doing.


Mindfulness is a way of developing this kind of clarity and resilience. We can rediscover how to live calmly and simply yet feel more alive and connected than ever.


Uncover the power of mindfulness and reclaim the aliveness of being present, clear and relaxed. Join us for a 4-week course and experience the benefits of establishing this life changing practice of present moment awareness:

• Reduced stress

• Being less judgemental

• More emotional balance

• Increased self-awareness

• Improved focus and clarity, just to name a few…


You will be guided you through a variety of non-belief-based mindfulness techniques and tips to lead a less complicated and more fulfilling life. We will cover:

• What is mindfulness?

• How to work mindfully with thinking

• Meeting and navigating emotions with mindfulness

• Practices to cultivate heartfulness

• Mindful communication and relating

• Techniques and tips for mindful living


You will be supported in creating and sustaining an ongoing personal practice.



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