Mindfulness in the Workplace: 2hr Masterclass


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Saturday, 5 Oct 2019 toSaturday, 5 Oct 2019
3:00 pm
0418 229 662


Mindfulness brings you greater awareness in the present moment, allowing you to stay focused and relaxed at the same time. You feel grounded, centred and calm, not so lost in anxious, avoidant or worrisome thoughts.


Being present and relaxed reveals options to you that you may miss when you are tense, and your attention is scattered. This gives you the ability to make wiser choices, especially when under pressure.


Having the ability to stabilise attention allows you to enjoy more clarity and creativity, which you can bring into your workplace amongst all other areas of your life. Our ingenuity is endless and often we hold the key to removing obstacles and solving problems, which we may be unaware of. Mindfulness helps us unlock what stops us.


Mindfulness also improves your ability to relate and empathise with others, creating a variety of options towards engaging in better communication, leadership and teamwork.


Give yourself an edge, develop switched on mindfulness skills to see and respond with heightened awareness to address what’s been holding back performance or effective problem solving.


Join us for a 2hr Masterclass on Mindfulness for the Workplace. You will gain an understanding of many mindfulness practices and bring these benefits into your work life:

• Improved decision making

• Enhanced creativity and innovation

• Greater focus and clarity

• Increased resilience

• Buoyant wellbeing, just to name a few…


You will be guided through a variety of non-belief-based mindfulness techniques and tips and supported in creating and sustaining an ongoing individual practice.


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