Introduction to Vishrant Yoga: 5 Week Course


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Restful Waters, 64 Canns Road, Bedfordale, Western Australia, 6112, Australia
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Tuesday, 11 Feb 2020 toTuesday, 11 Feb 2020
6 - 7:15 pm
0418 229 662


Whether you are new to yoga or have been practising for years and wish to learn a more restful style, our Introduction to Vishrant Yoga 5 week course is a perfect opportunity to practice yoga in a friendly and peaceful environment.


This 5 week course offers an introduction to the Vishrant yoga postures and relaxation techniques used in classes at Restful Waters. There is a strong focus on building awareness and trust for the needs of your own body.


Vishrant Yoga is a restorative and meditative yoga practice designed to return us home to ourselves, to live in balance and equanimity.


Using the breath, the body and subtle queues to encourage restfulness and letting go, each week experienced yoga teacher Prema will guide you through specific parts of the body including hips, legs, lower back, stomach and heart. Each class will include teachings of self-acceptance, openness and surrender inspired by Buddhist teacher, Prem Vishrant.


In the practice, restful postures are held for longer periods to allow the body’s ability to open naturally and release resistance slowly and gently bring about a restoring balance. Vishrant Yoga is a passive form of yoga and can support healing and rejuvenation.


In this amazing introductory course, you’ll learn how to use yoga props to support your practice and the different variations available in each pose, so you can tailor your own practice to suit your body.


Here are some kind words from previous attendees:

“A little note to thank you for last 5 weeks in the Introduction to Vishrant Yoga course. It has been a great experience for my partner and I, and has given us the affirmation that we are on the right track to finding new ways to approach each day. We look forward to exploring more yoga, meditation and Buddhist teachings at the centre.” ~ Elizabeth, Roleystone


“The Introduction to Vishrant Yoga Course has been such a beautiful journey for me. It has assisted in releasing a lot of pain, tension and emotion. I feel like I have more awareness of myself and feel calmer every day. Thank you Prema.” ~ Tina, Bedfordale


“I didn't realise how much the Introduction to Vishrant Yoga course would give me. I came with an open mind and have found more within myself than I ever realised. Prema was so beautiful and I would recommend this course to anyone new to yoga. I feel so totally peaceful.” ~ Mal, Bedfordale



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