Yin Yoga Training for Teachers


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Freshwater, NSW
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Saturday, 16 Feb 2013
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Day 1:

In this introduction to teaching Yin Yoga

we will explore the philosophy behind a yin yoga practice as well as

the anatomic, mental and health benefits that this deep and powerful

practice provides.

We will look in to the major joints that Yin Yoga targets as well as

the Yin tissues of the body. We will also dive in to awareness of

meridian lines and their connection to our organs.

Yin yoga works on many levels and each pose is stimulating different

meridian lines in our bodies and by doing so also creating health for

our organs and overall well-being.

Day 2:

The second day of the course provides a

deep and profound yin yoga practice to feel the poses for ourselves and

connect that feeling back into the teachings we just have explored.

Day 1 (2pm to 6.30pm at Qi Freshwater)

  • Yin Yoga theory
  • Bones, joints, tissues and Chi and Meridian lines
  • The awareness and theory behind the long held poses and the benefits it provides
  • What’s yin and what’s Yang

Day 2 (2pm to 4pm at Qi Manly)

  • A juicy yin class to connect the dots of the teachings – exploring what yin yoga feels like and how to groove with it.

N.B. This course will qualify for 6 CPD points for YogaAustralia members


Included for $137.00