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Friday, 22 Feb 2013


Edo and Jö's story began four years ago when they fell in

love in Bali upon hearing each other sing. Since then, magical

adventures of music, yoga and humanitarian service (seva) have ensued in

India, Australia, Bali and around the world.

Featured in Australian Yoga Journal and Indian Link (2011), Edo and

Jo are acclaimed Australian kirtan artists and singer-songwriters. Their

music takes the listener on a journey of Eastern mystical mantras and

joyous melodies, with the marriage of lush vocal harmonies, rapturous

rhythms and gentle devotion acting as honey droplets for the soul.

Their live kirtan events organically infuse audiences with divine connection, emotional release and inner transformation.

Kirtan (Chant Music)


(‘to repeat’) is the ancient yoga practice of call and response singing

and chanting of the many Divine names (Namasmaranam). There are no

beginners or experts in Kirtan. It is an easy and joyous way to express

our voice, release our emotions, connect with our hearts and each other.

Also known as Bhajans (devotional songs) and mantra (sacred sound

formulas), the practice of Kirtan is universal and ultimately designed

to help us attain the purpose of yoga, which is union with our eternal

nature (call it Self, Spirit, Soul, Atman, God, Reality or any other

name). Kirtan works on many levels, from relaxation of physical tensions

in the body to deeper states of awareness beyond mind and the

unconscious patterns that block us from feeling deeply connected to

ourselves, world and nature. This sacred sound yoga is a universal

practice that transcends any religious, cultural or racial differences

and can be practiced and enjoyed by all.

The chants we sing are mostly in Sanskrit, although we also incorporate Tamil, Hindi and Hebrew.

Location: Qi Freshwater, 2 Moore Rd (opposite Harbord Growers Market)

Time: 7.00 - 9.00pm (doors open 6.30pm)

Cost: $25 on the door

Booking: Strongly recommended.