Tiffany Cruickshank Intensive Workshops


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1/15 Sydney rd, Manly, NSW, 2095, Australia
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Friday, 23 Nov 2012 to Sunday, 25 Nov 2012
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Friday night master class 6-8pm


In this workshop you will learn how to access your deeper core muscles to move more effortlessly through any part of your practice. We''ll look at how you can use your anatomy to integrate your core into your entire practice in order to train your body to naturally move more efficiently. In doing so you will find lightness in your standing postures, ease in your inversions & grace in your backbends. Come prepared for a dynamic & informative Vinyasa class.



Saturday Workshop 1-4pm


In this workshop Tiffany will introduce you to her unique 4 block system of breaking down the inversions to help you redefine your relationship with gravity. You will look at the anatomy & alignment of inversions to learn how to use your flying gear so that you can explore beginning or advanced inversions. By embracing inversions and flipping your perspective, you can begin to welcome the obstacles in life with ease and grace. Some experience with inversions is helpful but not required, modifications and variations will be offered to make this workshop accessible to anyone with some Vinyasa experience.



Sunday Workshop 1-4pm

For some people backbending comes naturally and for others of us the idea of freedom in backbends takes a little more effort to find. Whichever category you fall into this class will look at how to deepen & create ease in your backbends by using your core to access your full potential. You will learn you how to use your anatomy to your advantage to create an empowering & liberating backbending experience. Come prepared for an invigorating Vinyasa based practice.










Included for $65

$65 per workshop


$39 per Master Class


$140 For all 3 events