Foundations of Flow - Basics


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Saturday, 1 Mar 2014
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 The first in our Foundational Workshop series will focus on the basics of the Power Vinyasa

practice.This workshop will teach you all there is to know about the Vinyasa sequence and will

set you up for a safe, strong flow.


  •    Learn the five principles of the P.L.A.Y asana practice; including bandha, breath and


  •    Focus on the key points of the Power Vinyasa sequence in an environment that allows you

    the space to integrate the learning into the physical body 

  •    Understand Tadasana alignment and how to use this through every yoga pose 

  •    Get an awareness of the holistic benefits of yoga

  •    Have the opportunity to ask questions and share experiences in an open, safe environment


     Suitable for all levels of practitioner.This workshop is essential for anyone within their first three

    months of practice and is a great opportunity to introduce friends or family to our community

    and the P.L.A.Y practice. It is also great for the experienced yogi looking for a refresher.

    Come PLAY, learn and have fun!








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