"Allow the Giant to Emerge" Advanced level 3 Teacher Training Retreat


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Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
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Sunday, 21 Aug 2011 to Saturday, 27 Aug 2011
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Focused Areas of  Training:

  • Individual feedback & coaching in front of  Duncan Peak to all participants teaching new sequences  to the group  
  • Learn new advanced sequences that have been the  foundation of Power Living class content for seven  years.  
  • Receive satsung lead by Swami Ji Govindananda  explaining Vedic teachings  
  • Learn how to weave philosophy and tradition into  asana class to make it more powerful  
  • Learn the ancient art of body assessment and  create personal asana practices for these individuals  
  • Gain great experience of deep pranayama practice  focusing in retention of breath to provide the doorway  to enquiry  
  • Practice long meditation session lead by Swami Ji  and Keenan Crisp  
  • Of course - Two Powerful asana practices each day.  

Retreat  Details

  • Flights are NOT included in the cost; you will  have to arrange your own transport to Tallows Beach  Houses. (Note: There are shuttles available from  Ballina airport to Tallows, approx. $30 return trip)  
  • Accommodation: Tallows Beach  Houses are cottage style accommodation. There  are 2 bedroom cottages with 4-5 people per cottage.  Private rooms may be available upon request and  subject to retreat numbers.  
  • Facilities: All linen, bedding  etc is provided. Each cottage has a self-contained  kitchen and full bathroom (shower and toilet). There  are also laundry facilities available.  
  • Food: 3 Meals per day are  provided. The food is delicious and nutritious  vegetarian food prepared with love!! Specific dietary  requirements can be catered for if given notice (such  as wheat-free, sugar-free, soy-free). ALL meals are  vegetarian, no meat or fish but include eggs and  dairy.  
  • Daily Schedule: Approximately 6am  -11pm (this is a rough guide as timing must be  flexible to allow the retreat to flow and evolve,  simply be open to change) 


Included for $1,999

Advanced Level 3 (General students) - $1999
P.L.A.Y 200 HR Teacher Training Graduates (10% discount) - $1799