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Map of Southport, QLD
6 Lawson St, Southport, QLD, 4215, Australia
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Friday, 21 Apr 2017
1 pm to 2:30 pm
0403 468 845


Welcome to our Yoga & Lifestyle workshop.
This is a once and only FREE event being offered by Mike & Suzanna Calava, husband and wife Master Trainers & Co-founders of Peak Physique Hot Yoga. Creditable and registered owner from Yoga Alliance Australia Association, this couple have trained, practiced and taught over 1000's of Australians and International students all around the world.
Anyone can join - from beginners with no experience of yoga to advanced practitioners!
Stress, depression, emotional baggage, weight gain & diseases are problems in which we are all dealing with day in day out. We will discuss these topics and how yoga can eliminate these problems in life.
This event we will show you how postures of yoga can eliminate any of the above problems. Discover how yoga can help assist you make your life easier. We will provide and show you secret information on how you can do yoga not only in class but in your everyday life.
We will show you the fundamentals and techniques on how the practice of yoga can ease your mind and give you peace of mind allowing the day to day work stresses or family stress eliviate.
Mike and Suzanna will, expand your knowledge on how you can do more yoga, and get paid for it. They will explain to you how you can incorporate more yoga into your daily lifestyle. Just imagine getting paid for doing something you love and also making yourself accountable to improve your health and wellbeing from yoga. If you are wanting to know more about their yoga teacher training or Master Yoga Certification, this is a good opportunity for you to speak with them direct.
Please wear active wear, bring your yoga mat, drink bottle, pen & a notepad!
Free Teas provided.
Limited spaces available, please book now to secure your spot! - please register via our booking link.
Email enquire to
Call Suzanna direct 0403 468 845