Pranayama and Meditation Course, Every Friday 7.00 pm


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Friday, 24 Oct 2014 to Friday, 7 Nov 2014
Early Bird $65 (if paid before 20th Oct) afterwards $75.
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Our three week Course in Pranayama and meditation is a powerful yet effortless technique that allows the conscious mind to experience blissful inner stillness and silence. We live in a stress laden society and It is increasingly impossible to find peace and calm in the everyone’s real life situations.This course is exactly what you are looking for. A no nonsense  hands on course suitable for most people who are looking for something simple, easy and gentle to follow in order to maintain a healthy stress free life style. After each session  you feel yourself completely infused with calming positive energy, clarity, and  most importantly, deep inner peace. Learning to meditate usually has a significant impact on the way you live your life, and is often recognised as a turning point, when life takes on new meaning and purpose. The simplicity and clarity of this course has already benefitted many people.The techniques taught are  simple mental practices that can be easily learned by anyone who can think. With only a couple of short  daily sessions you can bring profound transformation to your life. Regular practice of meditation will improve clarity of mind and augment your efficiency manifold.

The course lead to a deeper understanding of yourself, your inner positive qualities and your innate value. In time, this understanding becomes a natural part of your day to day awareness, constructively influencing how you see yourself and how you relate to your world.Simple and honest effort is the only prerequisites for success in meditation.

It offers an introduction to a variety of basic meditation and Breathing techniques and an understanding of the many benefits these time tested ancient practice can bring to body and mind.

 It is an excellent program to improve your quality of life  and well being and is particularly effective practice for those recovering from chronic stress, trauma,grief and fatigue or suffer from symptoms related to stressful lifestyle, joint aches and pain and other lifestyle related discomforts.

 It is a wonderful blend of  breathing exercises, deep relaxation and guided meditation techniques.

 You will always leave the class feeling completely relaxed, calm, refreshed and peaceful

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Included for Early Bird $65 (if paid before 20th Oct) afterwards $75.

  Early Bird $65 (if paid before 20th Oct) afterwards $75.

one class/week (3 weeks )