Absolute Beginners Yoga Course,21st Nov.  Every Thursday 7.30 pm


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Thursday, 21 Nov 2013 to Thursday, 12 Dec 2013
Special offer In Nov $69 (Regular Price $90)
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This four  week Absolute Beginner Course in Hatha Yoga and Meditation  will introduce you to the basic principles of yoga. 


It will  help you understand and practice safely some of the key yoga postures and also give you some insight into their benefits and contraindications. Beginners classes are suitable for most people.The four week course includes introduction to  asana (posture), pranayama (breathing) and shavasana (relaxation).  

 We will teach you the foundations of Yoga in a safe and non-threatening environment, where  everyone else is a beginner. 

 No you don't need to be flexible to start, but from  the first class you will feel benefits. 

 The most common remark we hear within a couple of weeks is "I feel wonderful and very relaxed".

People often also remark that they had the most wonderful sleep after last week's class.  

After each class you will have an excellent opportunity to explore how  deep relaxation and meditation can help you to connect  with  the yourself and thereby experience the huge benefits of having a calm, clear  and relaxed mind . 


You will leave the class feeling completely relaxed ,refreshed and contented and peaceful.


What if I miss a beginners Yoga  class? 

You can attend a make up Gentle Yoga class on any day within the 4-week term that you're enrolled in.


What if I am really stiff and inflexible?         

If you are inflexible you will benefit greatly from practicing yoga. Your teachers will offer variations and 

modifications that will help you learn at your own  pace


What are my options once I have completed the Beginners Yoga  course?  

Upon completion of the Beginners course, you can  decide to re-enrol in the same course or if you feel ready you can join the on  going  Gentle or Intermediate Yoga classes. You can purchase a five/ten/fifteen or a 20 class pass.  


Included for Special offer In Nov $69 (Regular Price $90)


  • Special Price $69 only in Nov

    ( pay by 18th Nov and like us on face and get this offer)After 18th Nov $90

     .The cost is inclusive of 

  •  Complementary 1 week pass of
    unlimited yoga after completion of course, can be used for various classes
    offered at Om Yoga Wellness Centre. Offer to be used with in the week of completion of beginners course

  • Option to do a make up class . Make up class to be done during the term of the course

  •  Option to buy the next
    5 class yoga passes for only $85(usually $90) or 10 class pass for $150 (usually$160)

  • Plus a yoga starter
    pack valued at $60, offered to you for only $40, 
    includes a  6mm reinforced quality yoga mat, a yoga strap and a non toxic, BPA free reusable coloured aluminum
    water flask.

  •  Make up class option
    available during the term of the course


Our Absolute Beginners programme is suitable for most
people who are looking for something simple, easy and gentle to follow in order
to maintain a healthy life style.

 It offers an introduction to a
variety of basic yoga techniques and an understanding of the many benefits that
regular yoga practice can bring to body and mind.

 It is an excellent program to
improve your Balance, flexibility,strength and improve your lifestyle.

 It is particularly effective
practice for those recovering from chronic fatigue or suffer from symptoms
related to stressful lifestyle, joint aches and pain and other lifestyle
related discomforts.

 It is a wonderful blend of
restorative yoga postures, breathing exercises, deep relaxation and guided
meditation techniques.

 You will always leave the class
feeling completely relaxed, calm, refreshed and peaceful

For Details:go to www.omyogawellnesscentre.com.au