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Thursday, 15 Nov 2012
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You deserve to be healthy, happy and peaceful.   This Four week Beginners Hatha Yoga course will introduce you to the basic principles of yoga.    Our 4 week Beginners Hatha yoga course is  suitable for those who may  have done just a few classes on and off or have been away from yoga for a very long time and want to ease back  gently into a routine. You don’t need to be flexible to practice yoga!  Flexibility is  one of the many benefits of yoga. At our Yoga Centre in Sinnamon park, Brisbane you will experience Yoga in a safe and non-threatening environment, where everyone else is a beginner. It will  help you understand and practice safely some of the key yoga postures and also give you some insight into their benefits and contraindications. Beginners classes are suitable for most people.The four week course includes introduction to  asana (posture), pranayama (breathing) and shavasana (relaxation).  


 We will teach you the foundations of Yoga in a safe and non-threatening environment, where  everyone else is a beginner. 

 No you don't need to be flexible to start, but from  the first class you will feel benefits. 

 The most common remark we hear within a couple of weeks is "I feel wonderful and very relaxed".

After each class you will have an excellent opportunity to explore how  deep relaxation and meditation can help you to connect  with  the yourself and thereby experience the huge benefits of having a calm, clear  and relaxed mind . 

You will leave the class feeling completely relaxed ,refreshed and contented and peaceful.

What if I miss a beginners Yoga  class? 

You can attend a make up Gentle Yoga class on any day within the 4-week term that you're enrolled in.

 What if I am really stiff and inflexible?         

If you are inflexible you will benefit greatly from practicing yoga. Your teachers will offer variations and modifications that will help you learn at your own  pace


What are my options once I have completed the Beginners Yoga  course?  

Upon completion of the Beginners course, you can  decide to re-enrol in the same course or if you feel ready you can join the on  going  Gentle or Intermediate Yoga classes. You can purchase a six/ten/fifteen or a 20 class pass.  


Included for $85

 $85 for the 4weeks course

  1. suitable for  beginners

  2. if you miss a class in the 4 week course you can make it up with another class at the centre in that period

  3. Join the on going classes after the course finishes

  4.  Please Bring your own yoga mat or hire a mat for $2 or purchase a quality yoga mat one at the Centre  for only $20.00

  5. Pay online before 12th Nov and receive a water flask (valued at $12) absolutely free.

  6. Commencement of course subjected to min. number of Participants

  7. Please consult your Doctor before commencing this course.

  8. Visit our website for detailed terms and conditions.