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Sunday, 26 Oct 2014
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Detox the body, mind and soul with this holistic day retreat designed to get you springing into summer with your best foot...thought...mouthful...intention forward!

The day begins with herbal tea, chat, and pranayama (breath work), moving into a detoxifying morning yoga practise learning about the different day to day ways we can detox the body for optimum health and vitality.  Followed by a delicious summer brunch and conversational lecture on nutritional ways to continue this beautiful detoxifying theme into your life in a healthy and natural way. 

A special meditation will open the afternoon session to help let go of any unneeded and unwanted energy opening up space for the new season of You!  Moving into a Soul Detox workshop designed to help you find your values, set your intentions for your future path and find a clarity into who you are and what you want.  We are so often swayed by outside forces, this is your opportunity to step up and take conscious control of your journey, your evolution and shine!

The day culminates in a yoga workshop designed to deepen the morning practise and engage your body and mind on a deeper level, concluding the retreat with a restorative practise and lovely relaxing head massage so that you can float on home!


Included for $60

Price includes a day of yoga practice, information, activities and brunch all relating to detoxing healthily.  The day will include two yoga classes focussed on aiding the body's natural detox systems - the final class of the day will include some lovely restorative poses and a head massage for everyone, there will be a talk on foods that assist in detoxing the body on a daily basis - no need to eliminate all the good stuff and go on harsh diets, in fact learn more about the dangers of these in our nutrition chat during our delicious brunch!  The middle of the day will be all about detoxing the soul, getting rid of any stagnant energy and making space for the life we truly want to live!