Backbending Workshop!


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Saturday, 1 Mar 2014
$25 or $22 Concession
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Backbends are one of the fantastic poses of yoga as we  so rarely use our spine in its full range of motion in our  daily life.  Using each of our joints in their full ROM  helps us to warm and lubricate the area, create balance  in the body and find optimal health.  Backbends also  apply a squeeze and soak method to our vertebral  discs which are avascular (no blood supply) which  provides a healthy flow of blood to the area providing  oxygen and nutrients essential for our health and  healing.  There is also the beautiful squeeze and soak  on our kidneys and adrenal glands, especially lovely  this time of year when we are a little dehydrated from  Summer.  And you know I could go on!   On an  emotional/spiritual level backbends teach us to open  our hearts and to find great strength in vulnerability.   These  workshops are designed to inform you of alignment  and safety in practice and not just about getting into  the coolest looking backbends so there will be options  suitable for all ages and abilities as well as injuries so  come one, come all! 


Included for $25 or $22 Concession

Includes the juice/smoothie of the day!  Either available as a take away or stay on in the garden for a chat with Ella (the studio dog) and myself :)