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Saturday, 5 Apr 2014
$25 or $22 Concession
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 Our Sun Salutations traditionally have a two fold purpose of honor - the first is to the sun which provides us this beautiful life on earth, and the second is to the internal sun, the core of each of us that is our life force, our energy, our will.  And WILL is a great word!  


The 108 Sun Salutes is a great way to reconnect to your Willpower, however it can be done as challengingly or as easily as you like with many variations on offer from the very beginner to the more advanced.   

If you have done this before, you will love doing it again, and if this is your first time, you will be amazed at how well you do, it is truly a wonderful, transformative experience!  

Physically each salute takes us through almost the full range of motion of each joint in the body, warming, lubricating and nourishing, and energetically we do the same - and it is considered to be wiping the slate clean - yes please!



Included for $25 or $22 Concession

Includes the juice/smoothie of the day!  Either available as a take away or stay on in the garden for a chat with Ella (the studio dog) and myself :)