Yoga Essentials - Six Week Course - Wednesdays 6.15pm


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Level 1 144 Blues Point Rd, Mcmahons Point, NSW, 2060, Australia
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Wednesday, 4 Mar 2015 to Wednesday, 8 Apr 2015
$155 or for new students $124
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Structured introduction to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga; develop & discover strength, flexibility, confidence, dynamic energy.... your Self!

Yoga Essentials is a course that runs once a week for 6 weeks, on either a Tuesday night, Wednesday night or on Saturday.  Choose one with a starting date and time to suit you.

Wednesday   6.15-7.15pm      - 4 March or

Tuesday        7.45-9.00pm      - 17 March or



Saturday       11.30-12.45pm  - 28 February

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Included for $155 or for new students $124

New Students Special

The best way to get started with your yoga journey at North Sydney Yoga is with our Yoga Essentials for New Students special.

20% off any of our 6 week Yoga Essentials courses or our twice a week for 4 weeks Yoga Essentials Intensive courses.