The Hidden Power of Yoga Nidra
The Hidden Power of Yoga Nidra

Nov24201912:00 am

Map of Aldgate, South Australia
142 Mount Barker Road, Aldgate, South Australia, 5152, Australia
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Sunday, 24 Nov 2019
9am to 1pm
$75 booked by 18 Nov or $95 full fee
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The Power of Conscious Sleep Benefits: Body: helps prevent stress and stress-related disorders by inducing deep physical and mental relaxation. Mind: helps alleviate anxiety, hostility, insomnia and psychosomatic elements of e.g. asthma, coronary heart disease, cancer, & hypertension. Learning: awakens inherent creativity and promotes learning and memory Sporting/ Performance: used to visualize the optimal outcomes, and improve motivation, self-awareness & self-acceptance. Sense of Purpose: special focus on refining a personal resolve The workshop will provide time to deeply relax & enjoy these profound benefits. Suitable for all. Bookings required as places are limited. Details: Sunday 24th November 9am – 1.00pm, Venue: The Barn, 142 Mount Barker Road, Aldgate. Fees: $95 Early Bird $75 pay by 18th Nov. Direct Debit Bendigo Bank, BSB: 633108, Account 114 539 059 Contact: mob 0488311121; 0490 111 097

Included for $75 booked by 18 Nov or $95 full fee

1. the experience of deeper relaxation
2. the thrill of understanding how & why it works
3. learning ways to apply & personalize these practices to support
• your particular health concerns – physical, mental & emotional
• your ability to learn
• your overall enjoyment & creativity