Meditation Workshop


Map of Aldgate, South Australia
The Barn, 142 Mount Barker Road, Aldgate, South Australia, 5152, Australia
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Sunday, 17 Mar 2019 toSunday, 17 Mar 2019
10am- 4pm
0490 111 097


The program will revolve around the Granthis & how they influence out health. Granthis are knots or blocks in the bodymind where energy & consciousness interact in a particular way.

There are 3 knots which prevent the free flow of prana & hamper the awakening of the chakras. This day program will develop a conceptual understanding of these knots & include specific practices to unravel them. 


Included for

Remember the regular weekly classes have a profound subtle influence on
This influence is therapeutic; & most effectively preventive; promoting a
long term sense of wellbeing & equanimity.
Consider the importance of your physical, mental & emotional health; and
that of your loved ones.
Consider also when you become too busy/ stressed to look after your health.
Private / small group/ Skype sessions available by arrangement.

Schedule / Itinerary

Details: Sunday 17th March  2019, 10am-4.00pm

Venue: The Barn, 142 Mount Barker Road, Aldgate.

Fees: $120   Early Bird $95 pay by 10 March.

Enrolment details & payment to:

Direct Debit: Bendigo Bank, BSB: 633 108, Account No: 1145 39059