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Wednesday, 27 May 2015
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This practice is so important for health & wellbeing that I am including an introduction in all the regular classes. This evening program allows for extended practice over 1 ½ hours. Chairs are available. Please bring your cushions. I highly recommend that you come along, especially if you have a challenging health condition. Children are welcome, no fee, but need to be supervised, especially during the meditation. It is not necessary to have any musical experience or ability, but an openness to new experiences is an asset. Please book.


MANTRAS FOR HEALING, WISDOM & PEACE                                                                                                

The yogis also noticed that mantras were beneficial for managing the obsessive quality of the mind, the quality of chinta, worry or brooding, which limits one’s potentials and creativity...The practice of mantra helps the mind come out of this state. In fact, even in the most stressful situation or environment it is possible to become relaxed with the use of the mantra.”