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Sunday, 9 Dec 2012
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Ayurveda, Health  & Home Remedies

Lecture with Dr Karuna Jaiswal, experienced Ayurveduc physician with many years experience in the field. This is an important lecture about health promotion & illness prevention with everyday spices & lifestyle choices from  Ayurveda– sister science of Yoga. Ayurveda. This science of health is ancient, wise & very practical- with modern science only recently looking into  the power the herbs & spices that are used.   

Karuna is a highly trained Ayurvedic physician and her talk will cover:

·         the principles of Ayurveda- learning new ways to understand our health & wellbeing

·         discovering your unique body mind constitution

·         looking after your health and avoiding disease

·         lifestyle

·         home remedies for common ailments

For further details visit Karunas web site http://karunahealing.com.au/