Yin Yoga Immersion 50hrs Online

Aug29202112:00 pmtoJul29202112:00 pm

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Sunday, 29 Aug 2021 toThursday, 29 Jul 2021
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This Immersion takes the yogi on an inward journey; physically mentally spiritually. Unravel the body's matrix, energise the subtle body, experience innerbliss.

Join us as we;

~ unravel the body from the inside out both in practice and theory

~ understand what is happening physiologically in the body's matrix, connective tissue, joints, fascia & nervous system, as well as the subtle body, meridians & chakras  

~ learn how to sequence therapeutically and support your and your students unique bodies

~ understand the physical benefits of reshaping the body through yin

~ enhance your yin experience through pranayama, pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi

Accredited through Yoga Australia this Online Yin Immersion offers a thorough curriculum, enrol anytime and study from the comfort of your home. Yoga Australia 50 CPD

This Module is apart of the Level 2 / 150hr Post Graduate course, however the Yin component is also also offered individually. 

Included for $480

80 page manual
11 Classes
Yoga Australia 50CPD

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Technique ~ What is Yin Yoga & the History of Yin ~ Principals of Yin Yoga ~ Yin vs Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga & Heat, Yin & Yang ~ Yin Asanas ~ Yin & Pranayama Anatomy & Physiology ~Tension & compression ~ Unique bodies & range of motion ~ How Yin effects muscles, tendons, ligaments, adhesions and myofascial lines Yoga Physiology ~ Chakras ~ Meridians ~ Mental, emotional and physical benefits Teaching Methodology ~ Holding space ~ Therapeutic Sequencing ~ Prep and counter Asanas ~ Modifications and props