Yoga Teacher Training 2016 at the Melbourne Yoga Shala


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Friday, 16 Sep 2016 to Saturday, 16 Sep 2017
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This course provides the basis for a solid grounding in Yoga practice, teaching and theory. Over the year the modules taught will give you the knowledge to be able to

• Better understand your own body

• Gain a better understanding of posture and movement

• Teach general classes

• Develop your observation skills

• Adjust your students in postures safely and effectively

• Understand the principles behind modifying postures

• Create sequences for classes, courses and individual clients/students

• Teach 1 to 1’s

• Better understand your own mind according to Yogic Philosophy and Ayurvedic Philosophy.

• Establish a regular practice of asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation

• Understand common postural imbalances and how to correct them using yoga postures

• Understand and experience the link between the breath and the mind

• Determine your constitution through Ayurveda

• Influence your own health and state of mind through implementing lifestyle changes according to Ayurvedic principles.


12 places available



Asana practice in class

Observing and assisting in class

Home study, reading


Home practice



Yoga teacher trainer JEAN CAMPBELL

Jean has been teaching yoga for over 20 years and training yoga teachers for 13 years in Australia, Malaysia, China, Germany and Switzerland. Over the years she has taught and practiced Iyengar yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa yoga and Pre and post-natal yoga. She specialises in teaching anatomy and structural yoga therapy.

Jean’s approach to teaching:

“All the information we learn can only be useful if we are able to apply it in our practice and our lives. This is the basis for my teaching. Practical useful information that can be directly applied to your yoga practice to create a stronger, healthier, more mobile body as well as creating calmer states of mind to help us live a full and meaningful life."


What she enjoy about training teachers and future teachers:

"People who decide to do a workshop, course or teacher training obviously have a great interest in yoga. I love to share my passion for yoga with others and explore all the possibilities that yoga offers. Seeing the dedication and enthusiasm of students is inspiring. These times give us the opportunity to be in a ‘yoga bubble’, allowing time and space for introspection, learning and change that we rarely experience in our day to day lives. To be a part of this process is a joy and a privilege."


350+ hours. The Melbourne Yoga Shala is a Registered Training Organisation with Yoga Alliance.

Schedule / Itinerary

20 Saturday afternoons and 10 Sunday (all day) lectures spread out over the year (dates to be announced).

Structural Yoga Therapy Course – 6 consecutive days in April 2017

Asana Practice at the Shala at your preferred class time (60 hours minimum - 40 sessions).

Observing and assisting at the Shala at your preferred class times.