Meditation & Chanting with Lulu & Mischka


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Sunday, 8 Jul 2012
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This month we have moved our chanting & meditation to Sunday 8th July. Tonight we are proud to announce that Lulu & Mischka are joining us for Kirtan. Enjoy their sweet voices & musical talent. During our chanting we will be singing sacred mantras, it involves a call-and-response style of singing where Lulu & Mischka sings a mantra and the group chants in response. This can set us up brilliantly for meditation. Modern science has found many practical outcomes of meditation as a way of nurturing a relaxed state for rejuvenation and healing. Some fine examples are; reducing mood disorders of stress, depression, anger & anxiety. Immerse yourself in a heartfelt chant, the vibration of chanting brings a state of inner peace & happiness enabling you to  experience a deeper state of meditation.

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