Agni Namaskar Masterclass


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1 Holtermann St, Crows Nest, NSW, 2065, Australia
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Friday, 18 May 2012
$55 early bird before 30th April. $66 after 30th April. (10% to charity)
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02 9436 1231


The third in a series of 5 Mandala Namaskar Masterclasses with live musicians.

Inspired by SHIVA REA and facilitated by MARK REYNIERSE.

Agni Namaskar is a ritualized celebration of our souls relationship with ‘Agni’ (sacred fire)

and the fire element within our own radiant bodies and solar plexus chakra (Manipura).

A strong solar class using the heat generating Agni Namaskar with 108 chatturangas,

building core strength with creative core work and willpower through twisting poses and arm balances

in a dynamic flow to ignite the fire of transformation.

Through movement meditations, mandala namaskar, breath, mudra, mantra, contemplation and meditation

we will discover the unlimited potential to purify and transform with the searing heat of determination

to become empowered, healthy and successful.

Fan the flickering flame of self confidence into a raging bonfire of courage. Exceed your own limitations

and broaden your personal boundaries by going beyond your own expectations and know what is possible

when you are willing to assert your inner power and focus your mind.

Included for $55 early bird before 30th April. $66 after 30th April. (10% to charity)

$55 earlybird price before 30th April. $66 after 30th April. Mantra Yoga Direct Debit students $55.

10% of proceeds are to be donated to Pheonix House Youth Services.