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Sunday, 23 Feb 2014
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The Teacher: Helen Stratus trained at Mangala Studios and completed teacher training under Peter Hockey, Principal of Mangala. She has extended her yoga studies with Pre-natal yoga training and is an avid and regular practitioner of yoga. As a mother of two teenagers, she also has ample life experience to add to her technical knowledge. As a trained children’s creative dance teacher with an aesthetic appreciation of art and music which she will use uses to enrich to the pre-natal experience.

Helen teaches children’s yoga and creative dance at Mangala. She also teaches adult and pre-natal yoga and is registered with Yoga Australia.

Helen can think of nothing more inspiring than helping pregnant women nurture their own body and connect with their baby in a yoga space that is filled with over 40 years of children’s energy.

The Course: Fresh flowers, candles, ink brush artwork and lovingly made cushions and blankets will add to the nurturing that is so much a part of the Mangala tradition. A space where both adults and children learn to listen to their bodies and feel the inner joy that comes from the yoga, music and the dance. A very special place for you to connect with your unborn child.

Helen’s classes start with a gentle relaxation to music, yoga postures that strengthen the body in preparation for childbirth, breath awareness and time to connect with both baby and self.

Included for $20/18

First session $20/18 , then course $90/80 for five weeks.