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Monday, 1 Sep 2014 to Tuesday, 30 Sep 2014
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Spring is a magical part of the year when we can feel and experience a shift from the old to the new. The universe blossoms as it sheds its layers of cold and darkness. In the air there is a vibrancy of renewal, creating within us opportunity to start afresh.

As humans we don’t always make the shift from winter to spring so beautifully and effortlessly as nature. We can often feel a bit grumpy and sluggish like a grizzly bear awakened from hibernation. We can ease this transition by consciously allowing ourselves to move with nature’s flow.

This 30 Day Challenge is designed to get take you out of your cave and into the vibrancy of spring. We’ll work to lighten the load with daily yoga, meditation and healthy eating tips designed to cleanse the body and soul.

Tune into Nature:

What better to way to connect with nature than by heading straight to the source! We’ll bathe in its beauty and serenity as we set out on a bush walk just 30 minutes from the City. Here we will take a moment of silence to sit, observe and listen.


By completing the 30 Day Challenge you will already be a winner. An additional bonus will be entrance into winning some fabulous goodies! *See prizes below.


6 Yoga Classes per week (Join any of the classes listed on the weekly schedule)

1 Rest Day – It is important for the body to have one day of rest to revitalize. Use this day to connect with nature. Sit in a beautiful garden, go on a picnic or to the beach. Give yourself time to be in the nature and absorb its vibrant renewing energy.

Weekly Nutritional Tips / Yummy Cleansing Recipes from Naturopath, Jo Marotta ND B.HSc.(Nat); Adv.Dip.Nat. M.A.N.T.A, Akasha Wellness Clinic

Daily Meditation – We’ll start easy on this. Committing to just 5mins per day, then slowing increasing throughout the weeks. 

Journal Entries (Optional) Recording your experiences during the 30 days can be a useful therapy to gain clarity and find resolve. After completion, reflecting on your personal account provides inspiring evidence of your transformation. Daily or weekly journal entries are encouraged but not compulsory.

Private Group Facebook Page: This will be a safe and friendly forum where you can ask for guidance, share your experiences, communicate with your fellow challengers, post inspiring quotes or pictures of you rocking your pose of the week or whatever your heart desires!

Bush Walk: We will organise this for one Sunday in September.


$180 (All inclusive)

*All Membership Contracts will be placed on hold for the duration of the challenge.


Prizes include:

1 month Unlimited Membership (value $180), a 5 Class Pass (Value $90), 1 Free Pass to Upcoming Workshop, 1 hour massage and more!