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Friday, 21 Jun 2013 to Sunday, 30 Jun 2013
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"One touch, one smile from a woman, can heal the world." Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga in the West

The Adi Shakti, the ancient symbol of infinity, is the feminine creative power of the universe. We hold the mystery of creation in our bodies, the mystery of being is entrusted to us as women.  The universe is the Mother, Life is the Mother, and everything in life is designed to move us into a deeper dimension of Love.  As women we have the power to conceive and create in every moment, the power to heal ourselves and to heal others.    

Whether you want to have a child, wish to share these sacred teachings with other pregnant women or you are simply ready to embrace what it really is to be a woman, this course will touch you and transform you. The quality of your word, your vibration, your thoughts, your emotions and your beliefs form the foundation you create from.  This is why Conscious Pregnancy is so important. It provides humanity re-education of age old yogic wisdom and technology in the science of creation, what it means to be a woman, and in conceiving, birthing and nurturing of all of life. 



For the first time in Perth, the opportunity to train for the Diploma of Kundalini Pregnancy Yoga teacher in this 10 day intensive training and/or have the chance to learn and benefit from the transformational teachings for women in this the biggest adventure of their lives - the journey into motherhood.


This course can be taken as a training to become a Conscious Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, but it is also available to all women who are interested in the journey, personally as well as professionally. Men are also welcome to attend the first 5 days of the training.

For aspiring Conscious Pregnancy teachers, the entire training is a necessity. Those who are already qualified Kundalini Yoga teachers will receive a Diploma. Other yoga teachers will receive a certificate of participation.

For other professionals and personally invested individuals it is also possible to take either the first or the second part of the training for your own learning and growth and to inform your personal journey.


Days 1 to 5 are on Conception, Pregnancy and Birth

and include topics such as Identity of Man and Woman, Conscious, Approach to Conception, First 120 Days after Conception, Transformations of Pregnancy, Body Care, Nutrition and Well Being, Kriyas and Meditations for Pregnancy, How to Connect Deeply with Your Baby, Transition and Birthing, Birth ... and alot more. Partners and husbands are welcome to attend this part.


Days 6 to 10 are on After Birth and the First Year, including Understanding the Impact of the Birth Experience, Kriyas and Meditations for New Mothers, Physical and Emotional Considerations of New Mothers, 40 Days Blessing, Conscious Approach to Parenting, Development of Infants in the First Year .. and alot more.


The entire 10 Day training costs $1100 which is likely a never to be repeated low fee. Please contact Suriya for more info, for pricing of the two parts if taken individually and for bookings. Suriya:


For women with babies, please contact us if you are considering coming as we may be able to arrange support for you so that you can do part of the training.


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Included for $1100

$1100 is for the 10 day training course. Text books $110 additional.

Days 1 to 5: Part 1 Conception, Pregnancy and Birth 

Days 6 to 10: Part 2 After Birth and First Year

Please enquire about fees for attending Part 1 or 2 separately.