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Kundalini House is a beautiful Health Clinic and Yoga Studio offering Kundalini Yoga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Prenatal & Mums & Bubs Yoga. Come in and enjoy the benefits of Yoga and Health!

Fitzroy North, VIC

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Rachel Hanrahan

Rachel Hanrahan

Welcome to Kundalini House. You’ll see me around teaching restorative yoga, hatha yoga, sacred rest workshops, iRest yoga nidra meditation and offering shamanic healing sessions in the clinic.

I started practicing yoga because I found myself lost, confused and seeking an alternative to the world I found myself in. I was in a dark place, extremely depressed and unhealthy and something needed to change for my health and wellbeing.

I was inspired to continue because yoga practice felt like a sanctuary and the calmer and more grounded I felt after I experienced practice was changing my life for the better. My relationships were healthier; my skin was clearer, my energy levels increased and I began to feel comfortable with myself and in my skin and my anxiety attacks from PTSD were becoming non-existent.

My training in yoga has given me the tools to embody the practices and share with others. I have been blessed to train in many traditions and yogic styles with my present main influences being Dr. Richard Miller, Judith Hanson Lasater, Donna Farhi and my somatic movement teacher Martha Peterson.

I am a certified Hatha Yoga teacher, certified Prenatal yoga teacher and birth attendant, Sacred Female Yoga teacher, iRest yoga nidra certified instructor, Sound Healing Facilitator and Level 1 Somatic Movement Educator.

People love my classes because I am sharing practices that have been gifted to me and I am blessed to share. My classes are creative and innovative. I teach with compassion, clarity and a sense of humour. I am passionate about supporting individuals to find a sense of inner peace and stillness in the midst of the challenges and tensions of contemporary life.

Favourite quote (or your wise words)…

Yoga is a process of deconstructing all the barriers we may have erected that prevent us from having an authentic connection with ourselves and with the world. Yoga is a process of unbinding our limited ideas about ourselves and becoming free…Donna Farhi.

Year that I started teaching: 2004

Rachel is a certified trauma informed yoga teacher and iRest yoga nidra meditation teacher with the Integrative Restoration Institute (USA).  iRest Yoga Nidra is an effective, researched based program to reduce symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and in chemical dependency recovery.

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