Ayurveda Training for Yogis


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Friday, 3 May 2019 toSunday, 5 May 2019
$750 Early Bird
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An Ayurvedic training for yogis with Katie Manitsas

May 3rd - 5th, 2019

We will explore food, sadhana, lifestyle protocols, understanding the seasons, your own unique dharma and constitution and that of your families and friends. We will practice and investigate building an asana practice to work for your dosha as well as engaging with the role of ritual and developing bhakti through chanting. We will practice yoga asana (suitable for all levels), lectures, practical demonstrations, discussion and on the last day we will make a beautiful nature mandala ceremony together. Ayurveda is a great passion in Katie’s life and the teachings have given her true joy and harmony.‘My lineage in terms of Ayurveda is with the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda under the direct mentorship of Maya Tiwari (Mother Maya) for many years. I have studied in the USA, India, UK and Australia. I’ve also completed panchakarma in both India and Sri Lanka. I’ve been applying and living these principles for many years both as a mother in terms of caring for my family and for self-care and this training is my own personal expression of how Ayurveda has served my practice and my life. The focus is on hands on application and conscious spiritual practice (Sadhana) rather than theory, although we will cover all the basics of Sanskirt terminology and understanding traditional scriptural advice.’ Katie Manitsas


Modules Include:

  • Yoga practices for all three doshas (we will practice together and learn about tailoring practice for individuals)
  • Making seasonal masalas (spice blends) or ayurvedic oil blends
  • The six seasons according to Ayurveda and links to Indigenous Australian (Aboriginal) calendars and understanding of the Australian seasonal cycles.
  • Food as memory, ancestry and immunity (ojas)
  • Kitchen Sadhana and our food habits
  • Daily rituals and cleansing techniques for health (kriyas)
  • Chakras through the lens of ayurveda
  • Chanting and learning mantras for specific uses, developing your meditation practice
  • Peace mandala flower ritual

Required Reading:

‘The Path of Practice’ by Maya Tiwari
‘Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook’ by Kate O’Donnell (www.everydayayurvedacookbook.com)
The books are not included in the training cost and must be purchased individually by each student. In addition a comprehensive workbook will be provided.



There will be some home practice assignments which will include cooking, journaling and meditation. The focus on this training is in sadhana based practice rather than academic study. There will be some suggested podcasts to listen to and the homework is designed to be seasonally appropriate so you can apply what you are learning in your everyday life.



At the moment this training is not accredited but modules can be used towards CPD points with Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance. As a yoga teacher you would find this training offers lots of opportunities for you to integrate the teachings of Ayurveda into your work. A certificate of attendance will be issued to each student upon completion.

Included for$750 Early Bird

$750 early bird price before April 1st 2019, afterwards full course cost is $850

Schedule / Itinerary


Friday 3 May: 8am - 5pm (with one hour lunch break)
Saturday 4 May: 10am - 6pm (with one hour lunch break)
Sunday 5 May: 8am - 4pm (with one hour lunch break)