Meditation for Balance Workshop


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25 Woods Street, Beaconsfield, VIC, 3807, Australia
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Sunday, 9 Sep 2012 to Sunday, 9 Sep 2012
0408 510 945



 Balance is something that is often talked about these days - work / family balance, balanced diet, balanced life. But what is balance? What does it mean to be balanced? AND how can we find balance in this fast paced world?

This workshop explores balance through the lens of meditation to assist you to:

  • Come back to your senses and reduce mental chatter
  • Be more present and mindful
  • Understand how meditation affects us physically and mentally
  • Learn techniques to find your centre


When: Sunday 9th September 2012

Time: 1pm - 4pm

Where: Just Be Yoga and Meditation Studio - 25 Woods Street, Beaconsfield, 3807

Cost: $90

Deposit: $45 due upon enrolment

Places are limited. Register with deposit by 3rd September 2012



Lesley Gough

Lesley was drawn to meditation through her yoga practice and as a way of managing a chronic pain condition. She has completed a meditation teacher training course with the Melbourne Meditation Centre and continues to be influenced by a variety of teachers and traditions. She teaches meditation as a practical tool to assist us to "tune into" ourselves for better balance and self-awareness.