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Sunday, 26 Aug 2012 to Friday, 31 Aug 2012
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The Yogi Cleanse is followed by our first ever 30-day Spring

Challenge. More details are below. The 30-day Spring Challenge is $150

but you can do both the Yogi Cleanse and the Spring Challenge for $400

(a saving of $100) – and still be in the running to win awesome prizes. 

Purify Your Consciousness! Purify your body!

‘One of the fastest ways to change your consciousness is to change your food.’ Yogi Bhajan

What we take into our bodies greatly effects how we feel and think as well

as deciding the strength we have to face life. When we are stuck in any

way changing what we eat greatly frees our mind, body and spirit.

For centuries people have turned to food to heal and uplift themselves. The

‘Yogi Cleanse’ is a chance for you to be in the company of other highly

spirited people, and to pool our energies, and support one another

through a time of deep change.

The Yogi Cleanse supports you on all levels in these five days of

transformation. The morning yoga classes allow us to meet, relax and

strengthen our physical bodies, and then spend time sharing what we are

going through. Together we will join our minds and spirits to help and

inspire one another.

Commit to detoxify, tonify and balance your body. ?

Please email Katie at katie@jivamuktiyoga.com.au

if you are interested in this program and she will answer your

questions. You can also chat to Katie in person after her classes, she

teaches Monday nights 6pm and Thursday nights 6pm.

When you sign up for the Yogi Cleanse, your package includes:

  •  Two hour yoga workshop (lecture and asana) to kick-start the process (Sunday 26th Sept, 1.30pm – 3.30pm).
  • A two hour class with Sadhana

    Kitchen founder and raw food expert Maz Pugoy, in which you will learn

    how to prepare your own delicious, raw vegan food – so you can eat well

    not only for this week but for the rest of your life! (Sunday 26th Sept, 4pm – 6pm).

  • An early morning specialized de-tox yoga class for five days taught by Katie or Anna (Mon 27th Sept – Fri 31st Sept, 7am – 8am)
  • Notes and handouts including

    suggested eating plan for the week, where you can buy all the goodies we

    recommend and helpful ‘de-toxing’ tips.

  • Green smoothie every morning (served after class)
  • A copy of Sharon Gannon’s book ‘Yoga and Vegetarianism’.


Included for $350

All inclusive cost: $350