Yoga Assist Workshop


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76a Wilford Street, Newtown, NSW, 2042, Australia
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Saturday, 15 Feb 2014 to Sunday, 16 Feb 2014
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(02) 9517 3280


Saturday – Focus on Warrior Series and Forward Bending Asana’s

Sunday – Focus on Backbending and Twisting Asana’s

Yoga assists series for yoga teachers and practitioners. Yoga practitioners receive tremendous benefit from effective assist from a good yoga teacher.

This workshop is for both teachers and practitioners who would like to deepen their understanding of asana, focusing on the basic techniques of applying safe and practical hands-on assists as well as verbal and energetic assistance.

Through partner work and the exploration of asana we learn how to assist and support others while improving our own practice in the process.

Outline of Assists Workshop:

Why do we give an assist in the first place?

What makes a good assist?

Know what it is you want to achieve before you touch: where do they need length or space in their body by observing breath, skin colour and quality. Learn to use the variety of tools/props that you have available.

Use your own weight, good body mechanics to both feel and keep you safe.



Included for $30

 $30 for each day and $50 for both days.