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Friday, 16 Mar 2012
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In this pure yin yoga workshop, Sarah will explore the benefits of a yin-style of yoga practice to complement a more dynamic yoga practice or a busy lifestyle. Yin yoga is a simple practice using long-held, passive (floor-based) poses, a gentle but constant pranayama focus, and a mental attitude of open, meditative awareness. This approach to yoga asana creates a space to heal and to enhance the meridian and organ systems in the body, as well as to assist us to focus the mind and to release repetitive and overwhelming thought patterns. Yin yoga is a great practice to help ‘settle the mind’ into stillness, in preparation for mediation. While yin yoga is a ‘simple’ practice, remember that ‘simple’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘easy’. One of the amazing benefits of this style of practice is the mental resilience that can be developed through exploring the difficulties of the practice without avoidance of the situation. This approach of non-avoidance can be compared to the philosophy that the concept of happiness is not related to our external circumstances alone, but instead the concept of happiness is tied to our attitude, or our view of, our external circumstances. Can we create a feeling of internal comfort and ease, even whilst outside circumstances are challenging us? Can we develop an attitude of happiness and contentment without grasping at pleasure and avoiding pain?

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