Yin Yoga for a Mindful Life


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Friday, 10 Feb 2012
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02 9517 3280


In this nourishing and transformative workshop, Sarah will guide students through a series of yin yoga and vinyasa poses that encourage groundedness and connection to the Earth centre in the body, enhancing vitality and increasing the overall circulation of prana throughout the body. These sequences develop strength in the core and the lower body, as well as developing a level of mindfulness that allows us to disengage from the mental habits of reactivity, and instead, to develop a wakeful, inquisitive attitude - leading to inner wisdom and insight.

This workshop will include deeply nourishing yin yoga poses, mindful vinyasa sequences, energising pranayama practices, and a loving kindness meditation. Yin yoga is a meditative asana practice that uses long-held, passive poses to stimulate the balancing of energy channels in the body.  Using yin yoga poses, gentle vinyasa sequences, and pranayama techniques, students will begin to cultivate a sensitivity to, and refinement of, the energy (pranic) body. This inner knowledge can then be used to benefit all beings, everywhere!

Sarah Owen completed her initial Yoga Teacher Training at Samadhi Yoga under the guidance of Katie Manitsas and Sue White (2006). She spent the next 5 years teaching numerous classes, workshops and retreats as a yoga teacher at Samadhi Yoga. She is currently continuing her studies at the Insight Yoga Institute, under the mentorship of Sarah Powers (USA).  Sarah believes that one's yoga practice becomes most solid when built upon kindness towards self and others - the commitment to the practice becomes evident in how we choose to lead our lives and how we treat other beings that we come in contact with.

 www.jivamuktiyoga.com.au or call (02) 9517 3280

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