The Way of the Jivanmukta: Spiritual Activation


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76a Wilford ST, Newtown, NSW, 2042, Australia
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Saturday, 10 Mar 2012
$30 pre booked / $35 on the day
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The goal of yoga is to perfect our relationships, to experience the interconnectedness of the whole universe. The Jivanmukta (one who has attained liberation in this life) doesn't just float away on a cloud, the Jivanmukta uses the path of compassionate action to reach the goal of yoga! Compassionate action is radical action in a culture based on keeping us separate, selfish, and scared. We are conditioned to feel that nothing we do can make a difference in the world. Everything you do makes the difference. And it all starts with you. The world is waiting for a hero, and you're it! We will explore how to use your practice to perfect your activism, and how to use activism as practice.

This workshop will combine dynamic asana (physical practice), meditation, tips from the great spiritual texts, and practical ways to engage in meaningful compassionate action!

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