The Practice of Loving Kindness


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Friday, 12 Oct 2012
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The practice of Metta Bhavana, or Cultivating Loving Kindness, is one of the oldest Buddhist meditation practices. In this workshop, we will explore the cultivation of loving kindness in a formal seated meditation posture, as well as using the practice of cultivating loving kindness during a series of yin yoga poses to balance the energy body and quieten the mind.

Loving Kindness meditation can be practiced anywhere - not just in a formal meditation practice. Metta Bhavana may be practiced during everyday activites - whilst walking, driving, shopping, gardening, doing chores and more.

Cultivation of loving kindness rerfers to a kind of love that is unconditional and universal. An attitude of loving kindness can be extended to one-self just as easily to a loved one, or a troubled stranger, or to all of humankind - even extending our prayer of loving kindess to include all beings.

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