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Friday, 9 Nov 2012 to Sunday, 18 Nov 2012
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Namaste  holy  teachers, Have  you  finished  teacher  training  and  now  wondering  how  to  start    teaching? Or  have  you  been  teaching  for  a  while  and  now  want  to  deepen  your knowledge?

Teaching one-to-one is a completely different experience to teaching a class. In order for it to offer a deep and lasting transformation, the approach needs a range of skills, which combine to give the student a deeper connection to themselves on a physical, mental and emotional level. It requires a level of attention, which extends to an awareness of ourselves in relationship with our students.

Drawing on Kate’s 15 years of experience as a yoga teacher and massage therapist, and her training as an embodied relational therapist, this two long-weekend course has been developed to give you the tools and practical means to work deeply in the truly rewarding relationship of teaching one-to-one.

Open to teachers and teacher trainees, this course will cover:

Reading a body - exploring the layers of bones, muscles and myofascia, and investigating compensatory patterns and imbalance. Understanding the relationship of all three of these tissue types and how to move them in harmony will give you a much greater understanding of how to modify and prescribe poses, making tailoring for the individual much more effective.

Structuring a session - looking at how to evaluate the student’s needs and composing a session. Evaluating progression and taking case histories. As part of the course you will be invited to do a maximum of three case studies after the course for which Kate will offer comments and feedback. Guidance on how to record case studies will be given.

Common injuries - learning practical approaches to working with common musculoskeletal problems. Gaining knowledge of safe and effective applications while developing creative ways of working where no injury and no body is the same.

Energy - seeing and assisting the flow of force. We’ll explore ways of developing our perception of energy and learn techniques to harness and release it through asana, bandha and hands on techniques.

The art of touch - developing hands on skills to take your student into deeper practice. Using hands, knees, elbows and feet, learn effective techniques for releasing myofascial restriction and assisting muscles to recover from motor amnesia. In this part of the course we develop our quality and sense of touch and the wider aspect of making contact.

Embodiment - exploring the practical meaning of this word and its implications for one-to-one work. Delving deeper into one’s own practice and sense of embodiment, and how this relates to working with another within a ‘field of awareness’.

Moving beyond the physical - developing skills for supporting the emotional body and exploring the spiritual meaning of Yoga. Being in touch with our own emotions and increasing our sense of spaciousness, we’ll explore the ‘witness’ and the greater aspects of inter-relatedness.

Satsang, an opportunity to explore, share and exchange ideas and experience with fellow teachers and to discuss the relevance of supervision. We all have much to share, this provides an opportunity as professionals to explore common themes and ideas, pose questions to the whole group and feel the support of community.

There will also be dedicated time throughout the course for Kate to work with individuals in front of the whole group. Feedback from other courses indicates that this is a useful way for students to gain an understanding of how all the above components fit together. Please feel free to contact Kate before the course should you wish to volunteer for this opportunity.      


P.S.  Are  you  wondering  who  your  future  students  will  be?      

Privates  yoga  sessions  are  awesome  for:    

1)Mums  at  home  with  babies  and  young  children    

2)People  who  struggle  to  find  time  to  come  to  class  and  want  someone  to    

come  to  them  (for  example  people  with  very  high  stress,  busy  jobs)  

3)Those  recovering  from  injuries  or  anyone  that  has  special  needs  for  their    


4)Brand  new  beginners  who  feel  self-­?conscious  about  starting  out  in  a  class    


5)Intermediate  and  advanced  students  who  want  to  push  their  practice  to    

the  next  level    

 P.P.S.  The  early-­?bird  reduced  price  for  this  training  ends  8th October.


Included for Earlybird $600 Full price $650

Earlybird (pay in full before 10th October 2012) $600

Full price (after 10th October 2012) $650