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Friday, 13 Apr 2012
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Daniel uses his powerful voices and instruments such as Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Gasong Drums, African Drums and more to clear your energy and vibrate your body, mind and spirit into a state of balance and harmony. Luke Brooks add another layer of magic with his inspired didgeridoo and percussion.

This workshop is great for people who have trouble meditating or are just beginning because the sound does all the work. You can just lie back and let the sounds take you into a deep and tranquil state.

With optional group participation you can choose to either be carried away by the sound or become part of it. The workshop space provides a safe environment for you to connect more deeply with your voice. Most people sing only from their throats, with Dreamsounding we learn to bring forth sounds from deeper in our being, we can learn to sing from our belly, chest or our whole body. A further step is when we open our mouths and beautiful sounds come without any effort whatsoever and we feel that it is something beyond us that is making the sounds through us. As a result of deepening this connection with our voice we deepen the connection with our inner voice at the same time and a more authentic and joyful life is the result.

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Dreamsounding (Sound Healing Meditation) is deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience that uses the power of the voice and musical instruments to restore harmony to your Body, Mind,Spirit and Life.