Nada Brahma: The Universe is Sound


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76a Wilford ST, Newtown, NSW, 2042, Australia
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Sunday, 11 Mar 2012
$30 pre booked / $35 on the door
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Through a vigorous vinyasa practice, enhanced by live music, we will tune our instruments -- our bodies -- and create a symphony of experience. Nada means "sound", Brahma means "the universe." One who understands the nature of sound, understands the mystery of the universe and of life itself.

Nada Yoga is a series of practices which aim to perfect our ability to listen outwardly in order to better listen inwardly, to the sound of the divine self. Music is an integral part of Jivamukti Yoga. Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound, is "instrumental" to the Jivamukti Yoga method. Throughout this workshop, we will explore the transformational practice of Nada Yoga. In this workshop, you can expect a strong asana practice, enhanced by traditional meditation, mantra, and breath practices from the ancient texts on Nada Brahma.

These practices will deepen your experience of your daily practice, and transform your meditations, your relationships, and your life!

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