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Saturday, 9 Apr 2011
$400 + GST if paid/postmarked by December 31, 2010* $450 + GST if paid/postmarked on or after January 1st 2011**
02 9517 3280


Kids Yoga Training
Saturday 9th April – Sunday 10th April
10am – 4pm

$400 + GST if paid/postmarked by December 31, 2010*
$450 + GST if paid/postmarked on or after January 1st 2011**


Teen Yoga Training
Saturday 16th April – Sunday 17th April
10am – 4pm

$400 + GST if paid postmarked by December 31, 2010*
$450 + GST if paid postmarked on or after January 1 2011**


Special: Book both trainings for $700 before January 1st
Book both trainings for $800 after January 1st

Both training’s compliment each other. However you don’t have to take the kids training as a pre-requisite to the teen training. If you have already taken the mini yogis training last year then why not try the teen training this year!

CLICK HERE to download application form.

If you love yoga, and you love kids, come join us on Saturday, April 9th and Sunday, April 10th, 2011 as world-renowned children’s yoga teacher, Shana Meyerson, conducts a weekend-long teacher training at Samadhi Yoga in Newtown, Sydney! Spend the weekend stretching your mind—and body—in ways you’ve never before imagined. 

Focusing primarily on children ages three to eight, this two-day course will give you all the tools you need to create your own yoga program for children. Through the use of themes, games, music, books, and other props, we will transform traditional practice into a creative, stimulating, and—most importantly—FUN yoga experience for kids. 

We will delve deep into the world of interactive asana and movement, and cover yoga fundamentals such as philosophy, breathing, and relaxation. You will experience two mini yogis classes for kids, and learn how to design empowering kid-specific practices that encourage children to be strong, self-confident, and healthy in mind, body, and spirit. 

If you would like to participate in this training or just want more information, please contact Doug at or call on (02) 9517 3280, or contact Shana directly at or call her at +1.310.471.9644 for more information. 

Space is limited, so reserve your spot early!

This training is designed for people who already practice yoga and are familiar with the various asana. You don’t have to be a teacher or an expert, but please make sure that you have taken at least 10 classes in the past six months before enrolling in teacher training. Certification will be earned upon completion.  

Shana Meyerson,
 founded mini yogis® yoga for kids in March 2002. A pioneer in the children’s yoga community, Shana has taught teachers all over the world how to teach children in a fun, safe, and mindful way. Her intuitive and integrative approach to teaching allows her to positively change the lives of both typically developing and special needs children. Trained in classical yoga by one of the world’s most renowned yogis, Sri Dharma Mittra, Shana considers her teaching an offering to the sweet innocence of children and the lives that lay ahead of them.

You can visit mini yogis at, e-mail Shana at or call +1.310.471.9644 for more information. 

* includes a $100 nonrefundable deposit; no refunds will be issued after January 1, 2011; no refunds or credits will be issued within 72 hours of training.